First Look – 2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer and Rally Explorer

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer and Rally Explorer – First Look

Triumph has made some updates to its Tiger 1200 line, which is their largest adventure bike. These updates make the bike even better than before.

But there’s a catch – the updates are not available on all variants in all parts of the world. In most countries, all four models (GT Pro, GT Explorer, Rally Pro, and Rally Explorer) are updated.

But in North America, only two models (GT Explorer and Rally Explorer) get the updates. The other two models (GT Pro and Rally Pro) remain unchanged.

In Canada, it’s the opposite – the Pro models get updates, and the Explorer models remain unchanged. Triumph is looking into bringing the updated Pro models to the U.S. in 2025.

The Explorer models have a few extra features compared to the Pro models, like a larger fuel tank and some extra accessories.

The GT Explorer is better for riding on paved roads, while the Rally Explorer is better for off-road riding.

The GT models have higher footpegs, which means you can lean the bike further when going around corners.

Triumph Tiger motorcycles have received updates that make them smoother and more comfortable for riders.

The engine now has changes that increase the smoothness of the ride, making it feel more comfortable when accelerating or decelerating, especially at low speeds.

The clutch has also been improved to provide a smoother engagement when switching into first gear.

The new seat design is flatter, giving the rider more space and comfort. The seat height is adjustable, so riders can choose the height that is most comfortable for them.

Additionally, the Tiger models come with Active Preload Reduction, which lowers the seat height when coming to a stop.

All these updates make the Triumph Tiger motorcycle an even better choice for riders who value comfort and smoothness on the road.

The 2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer and Rally Explorer are two new motorcycles that will soon be available to purchase.

Both bikes come with a lot of advanced technology, such as a special suspension system that makes for a smoother ride, a system that helps you stay in control on turns, and even a radar system that can tell you if there’s something in your blind spot!

There are two different versions of the bike – the GT Explorer and the Rally Explorer – and each one has different ride modes to choose from. Both models come with heated grips and a system that lets you know when your tires need air.

The prices for the bikes start at around $24,000, and they come in a variety of colors like white, black, red, green, and sand. You can expect to see them in dealerships starting in April.

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