BMW launch new F900R British Superbike support series, with competitive bikes costing an affordable £11,000

Anyone who’s ever raced a motorbike knows that it is extremely costly. The consumables, tyres, gasoline, wreck damage, and travel expenses all add up and make it extremely difficult for new talents who are just beginning to make a name for themselves in the field.

BMW UK is looking to take on the challenge and has announced the F900R Superbike support series to make race-ready bikes for sale at £11,000. 

The BMW F900R Cup will replace the Ducati TriOptions Cup series from 2023. It will have as many as 40 riders with the Clubman ACU license and above, competing on the same track-prepared naked bikes.

What exactly is the final build? It is available for purchase race-ready at any neighbourhood BMW dealership; these competition models are built using the company’s naked bike that is road-biased, 104bhp driven through the F850GS-derived 895cc parallel-twin.

BMW launch new F900R British Superbike support series,

The racing machines will be fitted with a standard track set-up, including K-Tech internals forks and a K-Tech rear shock with cone-shaped Arrow exhaust set, back sets, quick shifters, and racing bodywork.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the standard Bridgestone S21 tyres have been replaced with the more aggressive Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC and Diablo Rain tyres – meaning everyone is playing on the same field at all tracks.

“We were looking to give young riders the chance to race on an international level, with more visibility, and in a single-make race where talent and not budgets dictate the level of competition you can achieve,” BMW UK’s Director of Marketing and PR Scott Grimsdall said.

“The F900R provides a perfect platform for power and agility for riders who wish to establish themselves on a bigger stage, and the brand new series could serve as a pathway to Superstock and Superbike races.

” Anyone participating in the race can choose between purchasing a bicycle and fitting the race kit by the preferred BMW dealer, a partner approved by Fortis Racing, or their support team.

Fortis Racing will also be present at every race providing race support on-site and spares for all riders should you encounter any issues.

BSB Series Director Stuart Higgs added: “A frequent question is how do we have an un-faired naked motorcycle class in our racing system?

The past reminds us of simple, easy-to-follow races that offer thrilling competition and excitement. In addition to the prestige that comes with the BMW brand, The F900R Cup deserves to be successful.”

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