Record-breaking 48-cylinder Kawasaki-based behemoth to star in upcoming auction

Record-breaking 48-cylinder Kawasaki-based behemoth to star in upcoming auction

Tired of your typical quads, twins, and triples? What do you think of having a world record-breaking 48-cylinder Kawasaki at home float your boat? This machine will be sold under the gavel at the Bonhams Spring Stafford auction on April 21 and is expected to fetch close to £60,000.

The monster motor is yet to find its new home; Bonhams will be displaying its majesty at this weekend’s London Motorcycle Show. There are tickets available for those who want to view the beast in person.

The ‘Tinker Toy’ was dubbed by Kawasaki. It was created by Simon Whitelock, who began his journey into building custom machines in 1985. He finished his first machine around 1987. He then built a number of special machines, including the 9-cylinder Kawasaki as well as an inline 7.

In order to start the huge engine, a 125cc scooter engine is used to serve as a “donkey engine’. The power of the 4.2 cubic liter beast is pumped through an especially connected BMW-derived gearbox and then delivered through the rear wheel through a shaft drive.

The engineer Dave Sperry assisted in the design of the front part of the motorbike, which borrowed the hub, forks, and brake setup from the Honda Goldwing and joined these to Hagon rims with heavy-duty stainless spokes.

Since its creation, other current Simon Whitelock projects have included:

  • The reconstruction of a KH250.
  • The installation of an electric motor.
  • A 5kWh battery in the area where the 249cc two-stroke triple used to reside.

It’s called the KH250E. The KH250E still provides the appearance of an engine that burns fuel is present, but the new motor is located inside one of the shells that housed the air-cooled two-stroke.

The Tinker Toy auction is being held in conjunction with the sale are additional auction lots, including a 1959 Benelli Grand Prix racer estimated to fetch between £60,000 and £80,000, as well as an extremely rare Vincent Black Lightning that which was described in the words of Bonhams as “unquestionably the most collectible Vincent ever.”

The price estimates are set in the range of £120,000 – £150,000. The bike in the auction is the 14th of the 34-bike run and was developed to be used in sidecar racing.

It was shipped to Poland, and Kaminski completed it. The car was brought back to the UK in 1972. It underwent an overhaul in 1999/2000 and was not used until then.

“The accompanying photocopy Works Order Form shows that this machine was built with Girdraulic forks; Amal TT10 racing carburettors; 280km/h speedometer; straight-through exhaust; racing mudguards; 52T and 56T sidecar-gearing rear sprockets; and a Lucas KVFTT magneto, and was delivered without lights or a horn,” the Bonhams description states.

You can view the complete listings on Bonhams’ website. Bonhams site and other available cars include an ex-works Kawasaki H2R racer, which placed third in Daytona and other classics.

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