BMW CE 04 Price, Top Speed, Specs, Mileage, Review

2023 BMW CE 04 Top Speed, Price, Specs ❤️ Review

BMW CE 04 Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review, Mileage, Seat Height, Horsepower, Weight, Overview

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  • BMW CE 04 Price
  • BMW CE 04 Specs
  • BMW CE 04 Top speed
  • BMW CE 04 Horsepower
  • BMW CE 04 Mileage
  • BMW CE 04 Review 
  • BMW CE 04 Seat Height
  • BMW CE 04 Weight

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You move around the world’s cities and metropolitan areas exactly at the point where each neighbourhood represents the first step towards the next new idea.

And you are also always on the move. We know this captivating dynamism as we have been applying it for over 10 years to create solutions and concepts for urban electromobility, which means far more now than just getting from A to B.

From this long-term innovative leadership, the BMW CE 04 is launching into a new design era, seamlessly integrating into your everyday life thanks to its smart connectivity solutions. Quite simply #PluggedToLife.

BMW CE 04 Price, Top Speed, Specs, Mileage, Review

BMW CE 04 Price in The USA 2023

Price: As shown $14,300 MSRP
Base model $11,795 MSRP

BMW CE 04 Top Speed

➥ Top Speed: 75 mph (electronically limited)

BMW CE 04 Range 

➥ Range: 80 miles

BMW CE 04 Horsepower

➥ Horsepower: 42 hp at 4,900 rpm

BMW CE 04 Specs

BMW CE 04 Specs

Type Permanent-magnet liquid-cooled synchronous motor
Rated capacity 20 hp
Maximum power 42 hp at 4,900 rpm
Max. torque 45.7 lb-ft at 1,500 rpm
Maximum speed 75 mph (electronically limited)
Acceleration 2.6 s from 0 – 50 km/h (31.1 mph)
Alternator DC/DC converter with 500 watts that has been integrated into the charger
Secondary battery 12 V / 5 Ah
Charging time with optional quick charger

Approx. 1h:40min for 0-100% and approx. 1h:05min for 0-80%2)

Standard charging time

Approx. 4h:20min for 0-100% and approx. 3h:30min for 0-80%1)

Charging power Charging cable with country-specific power plug
Charging capacity 2.3 kW with integrated charger

6.9 kW with optional quick charger

Battery voltage (nominal) 148 V
Traction battery Traction storage with high-voltage technology integrated into the vehicle underbody, 8.9/8.5kWh (gross/net) (8.9/6.2 kWh, 11 kW with optional power reduction)

BMW CE 04 Features

BMW CE 04 Features

The design brings us together.

The two-colour ideas have been precisely adjusted to the contemporary and distinct style of BMW CE 04. They highlight the innovative design and provide striking highlights.

 Ahead of the time and yet timeless  

The style of the BMW CE 04 centers around the compact energy storage unit located in the underfloor assembly and the small drivetrain.

The design freedoms and options result from the innovative aesthetics, like the charging compartment, which can be folded out to the side or onto the floating seat.

A low center of gravity offers another benefit: enjoyable controlling, breath-taking dynamism, and an unbeatable riding experience. In the end, one design innovation flows into another about design.

Simple, calm and elegant designs dominate the overall look. In this regard, the front end is visually interestingly broken apart, while the rear part is flush with tech-related components, a typical characteristic of motorcycles.

 It charges up wherever you are  

This is what we call comfort: you wake up the day with a blaze of energy, And the BMW CE 04 is already waiting to be used with a fully charged battery for the drivetrain.

It’s charged by outlets in your home or at the BMW Wallbox. With the quick charger, you will get more out of every charge and longer time, to be exact: it is possible to recharge your BMW CE 04 at the BMW Wallbox or on the increase between 0% and 80 percent in about 65 minutes using the maximum charge current.

 Mobile and perfectly linked up  

Don’t forget anything and be sure to enjoy every moment. With BMW Motorrad Connectivity and the BMW Motorrad Connected app, the BMW CE 04 makes new connections.

This 10.25″ TFT screen with a split-screen function transforms into an interface between the analog and digital worlds.

It could be performance information such as range, time to charge or the playlist you love, and the next location or phone call: mobility and communication are merged into one.

Your smartphone will remain inside the airtight and watertight storage compartment. It can also be charged during the process due to the USB C connection. Simply put, your daily life.

Revolution meets evolution

For safety, comfort and security, when you choose this BMW CE 04, you can count on the tried-and-tested BMW Motorrad technology.

ABS, as well as ASC, are standard options; DTC, as well as ABS Pro are also available. There are also seat options with an integrated backrest pad and seat heating.

The electric reverse offers convenience and comfort in cities with large populations. With Keyless Ride, you launch into the seamless integration of the BMW CE 04 into your mobile lifestyle and life in the full sense. Just hop on and go for a ride; you’ll have the option of leaving your key in your pocket.

BMW CE 04 Top Speed

BMW CE 04 Equipment

Standard equipment

  • Full LED headlight
  • ASC
  • Electronic reverse
  • Ventilated storage compartment with USB C
  • Side Loading storage compartment featuring lighting
  • Standard charging cable for domestic sockets
  • 10.25” TFT display including BMW Motorrad Connectivity
  • Keyless Ride
  • Three Ride Modes (Eco, Rain, Road)
  • BMW Motorrad ABS

Optional equipment

  • Style Avantgarde
  • Center stand
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Tire pressure monitor (TPM)
  • High windscreen
  • Various seat options
  • Quick charger
  • Heated grips

Optional accessories

  • Urban Collection side bag, small
  • Holder for side bag
  • Decorative sticker sets
  • Quick-charging cable
  • Luggage carrier
  • Urban Vario topcase
  • and much more

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