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What is ONTD?

ONTD (Oh No They Didn’t) is the largest community on LiveJournal with a number of 100,000 members.

The community focuses on pop culture and celebrity gossip, with most posts aggregated from other gossip blogs.

The site created a partnership with pop culture blog network Buzz Media in July 2010 that was not renewed a year later.

According to a 2008 Popmatters article, the blog boasted over 300,000 page views daily, although it has considerably reduced in recent years.

When LiveJournal increased the comment limit on posts from 5000 to 10,000 comments, ONTD (Oh No They Didn’t) contained the first post to reach this new limit.

Per day community publishes an average of 100 member posts, with most posts getting between 100 and 500 comments on average.

The community moderators post a weekly post called “Free for All Friday, ” allowing members to post off-topic comments.

These free-for-all posts have often been developed to include community discussion posts for important pop culture events such as the Olympics, the Academy Awards, and Saturday Night Live viewing posts.

In addition to members submitting the posts themselves, ONTD (Oh No They Didn’t) relies heavily on user participation in the comments area, where members can express their ideas on posts.

Members often describe their reaction to a particular news item by posting an animated GIF picture representing their emotions. The community continually posts this image to expect a controversial or “flame-worthy topic. 

ONTD - Ohnotheydidnt - LiveJournal

Type of site Collaborative blog
Available in English
Commercial Yes
Registration Moderated, required to post content
Launched June 26, 2004

For More Information Vsiit ONTD Official website: ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

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