How Allstate Accident Insurance Works?

Allstate Accident Insurance

Allstate Accident Insurance Benefits pays cash benefits when a covered accidental injury happens. Coverage may include physical therapy, ambulance services, and more.

People with this coverage submit claims after diagnosis and treatment, and benefits are paid for authorized diagnoses and procedures based on a pre-determined schedule of benefits.

The cash advantages can be used to help pay for treatment costs, deductibles, house payments or any other household cost – there are no rules.

Allstate Accident Insurance

Allstate Accident Insurance Features and benefits

  • No waiting period for coverage to start
  • Inexpensive premiums are paid through timely payroll deduction.
  • Advantages are paid directly to the covered person without spending limitations.
  • Coverage can be continued as long as premiums are delivered to Allstate Benefits.
  • Coverage is available for children and spouse.
  • Coverage is Guaranteed Issue at initial registration subject to pre-existing condition rules if applicable*
  • Optional riders have Outpatient Physician’s Benefit riders, which pay a daily benefit when you visit a doctor outside the hospital for any cause.

How Allstate Accident Insurance Works?

Emma breaks her leg playing soccer and pays a few hours in the emergency room. The doctor demands two follow-up visits, x-rays, and three physical therapy sessions.

Emma spends the $1,250 deductible and $1,875 in coinsurance for her major medical insurance, for a total of $3,125 in out-of-pocket costs.

Then, Emma files a claim through her Allstate Accident Insurance Benefits and receives $4,8802 in benefits.

That’s good to cover her out-of-pocket costs with sufficiently left over to cover some of her monthly costs.


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