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Latest Benelli Bikes Price List Nepal 2023

S.NO.  Model   Segment   New Price 
1  TNT135   POWER & STYLE        275,000
2  TNT15   PREMIUM        254,900
3  PANAREA 125   SCOOTER PREMIUM        334,900
4  TNT150I   PREMIUM        377,900
5  180S   PREMIUM PLUS        449,900
6  180S (NEON)   PREMIUM PLUS        459,900
7  TRK251   TOURER        824,900
8  302S (NEON)   PREMIUM PLUS     1,074,900
9  302S   PREMIUM PLUS     1,049,900
10  PATAGONIAN EAGLE 250   CRUISER        454,000
11  K LIGHT 200   CRUISER        407,000
12  600I-2020   PREMIUM PLUS     2,358,000
13  752S   PREMIUM PLUS     2,515,000

Benelli Bikes Price List in Nepal 

Benelli TNT 600 GT Rs.16,50,000 Benelli TNT 600 GT Price in Nepal
Benelli TNT 600i Rs.23,58,000 Benelli TNT 600i Price in Nepal
Benelli TRK 502 Rs.16,00,000 Benelli TRK 502 Price in Nepal
Benelli Tornado 302 Rs.7,50,000 Benelli Tornado 302 price in Nepal
Benelli TNT 300 Rs.8,10,000 Benelli TNT 300 Price in Nepal
Benelli TNT 25 Rs.4,50,000 Benelli TNT 25 price in Nepal
Benelli ZenZero 150 Rs.2,65,000 Benelli ZenZero 150 price in Nepal
Benelli Leoncino 500 Rs.9,00,000 Benelli Leoncino 500 price in nepal
Benelli TNT 135 Rs.275,000 Benelli TNT 135 price in nepal
Benelli 302 R Rs.8,55,000 Benelli 302 R price in Nepal
Benelli TNT 15 Rs.254,900 Benelli TNT 15 price in nepal
Benelli TNT 150i Rs.377,900 Benelli TNT 150i price in nepal
Benelli BN 251


Rs. 5,20,000 Benelli BN 251 price in nepal
Benelli 302S Rs.1,049,900 Benelli 302s

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  1. Benelli bikes is mostly famous for its sound engineering. Every youths want it for its better sounding machine with low cc enjoying the sound of super bike but due to high amount to buy for new bike. we want second hand benelli bikes above 300cc in nepal. Is it possible?

  2. Benelli TnT 135 ko latest graphic ma vayako bike Nepal ma kahile aauxa …. I want to buy this one …. Can I know about it’s detail ??? Kahile Sama aauxa

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