2023 Daymak EM3 Top Speed, Review, Price, Specifications

2023 Daymak EM3 Top Speed, Review, Price, Specs, Mileage, Range, Overview

Finishing the trilogy the Daymak EM3 electric scooter is finally here! The Daymak EM3 is the largest electric sport scooter in Daymak’s line to date!

The Daymak EM3 electric scooter equipped with a 72V 32AH SLA battery pack that boasts up to 60 km range on a single charge!

The Daymak EM3 electric scooter LED headlights to keep your visibility high while the Daymak EM3 dual front hydraulic disc brakes take your stopping power to the next level.

Daymak EM3 price

Daymak EM3 electric scooter featured with the Daymak Drive Bluetooth controller, configure your range, acceleration, and more with your smartphone.

If you haven’t had a chance to ride the new Daymak EM3 electric scooter, so you can please contact your local Daymak dealer and prepare to be amazed!

That was the overview of the Daymak EM3 electric Motorcycle, but if you want to know bout the Daymak EM3 Electric Scooter Price, Specifications, Review, Key Features, Images? then here in this post, you will get that all kinds of information, which you want to know about it.


Daymak EM3 Price List & Colors

Daymak Blue EM3

Daymak Blue EM3 SRP $3,299

Daymak Red EM3

Daymak Red EM3 SRP $3,299


Daymak Black EM3

Daymak Black EM3 SRP $3,299



Daymak EM3 Electric motorcycle Key Features

  • Motor: 500W
  • Battery: 72V 32AH Lead Acid
  • Charger input: 110V-240V
  • Charge time: 8 – 12 hours
  • Range: up to 60 km
  • Top Speed: 32 km/h
  • Climbing incline:25 degrees
  • Dual Front Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • LED Headlights

Daymak EM3 Top Speed

Top Speed: 32 km/h

Daymak EM3 Specifications

Motor 500W
Battery 72V 32AH Lead Acid
Battery Life 300-400 cycles
Removable battery Removable only to replace
Charger input 110V-240V
Charge time 8 – 12 hours
Lights LED
Max load 180 kg
Net weight 250 lbs
Dimensions Assembled 75″ x 40” x 32”
Seat Height 34″
Seat Width 11″
Seat Length 11″
In Box Weight 300 lbs

Daymak EM3 Electric Scooter Images Gallery

Daymak EM3 tail light

Daymak EM3 seat height

Daymak EM3 review

Daymak EM3 front view

Daymak EM3 For Sale

Daymak EM3 digital meter

Daymak EM3 brakes


That was all about the Daymak EM3 Electric Scooter, I hope that all kinds of information helpful to you but if you have any problem regarding this post, then please comment or us we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible, thanks for visiting our site.

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Garry lemmon
Garry lemmon
2 years ago

I have a day man 3 rebuke and it has sat seance the start of last summer well I pulled it out today and turned the key there was power but it wood not engage there was no throttle but the battery did say empty is that y our could it b a fuse our something I plugged it in but it was green and I figured that was because of the cold so I’m just wondering do I just charge up and warm up the battery and try again our is it something else it was working great when I put it away please help me getting power to the throtle

Garry lemmon
Garry lemmon
2 years ago

My email is glemmon8@gmail.com