Who owns Indian Motorcycles

Who owns Indian Motorcycles?

Who owns Indian Motorcycles

Polaris Industries, an American firm, owns Indian Motorcycles. Polaris bought India Motorcycles in 2011.

Indian Motorcycle Brand 2011 has since made significant investments in the company, helping to revive its popularity and becoming an important player in the American market for motorcycles.

Hendee Manufacturing Company initially manufactured Indian motorcycles. Hendee Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Massachusetts, from 1901 until 1953.

It was one of the top motorcycle makers worldwide, and its bikes were well-known for their high-quality and performance as well as their durability. Indian motorbikes also were a favorite among the military and law enforcement agencies.

However, the company’s popularity decreased in the 1950s and it went out of business in 1953. In 1953, the Indian Motorcycle brand was revived in 1999. However, when Polaris purchased the business in 2011, the brand regained momentum.

Under Polaris Polaris ownership, Indian Motorcycle has released several new models, such as the Scout Chief, Chief, and FTR1200.

Indian Motorcycle has also expanded its number of dealers and purchased modern manufacturing plants. Ultimately, Indian Motorcycle is now one of the top-performing motorcycle brands worldwide.

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Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Polaris Industries, an American company, owns Indian Motorcycles.
  • Indian Motorcycle brand was established in 1901. It ceased business in 1953.
  • This brand was revived after 1999 before being purchased by Polaris in 2011.
  • Under Polaris under Polaris’ ownership, Indian Motorcycle has released several new models and expanded its dealer base.
  • Indian Motorcycle is now one of the fastest-growing motorcycle brands in the world.

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