Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Top Speed

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review ❤️

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 is an ATV available at a starting price of $3,299 plus a Destination Charge: of $325 and a Freight Surcharge of $100 in the USA.

The Yamaha RAPTOR 90 is powered by a 90cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 2 valves engine, producing 6 Horsepower.

The top speed of a Yamaha RAPTOR 90 ATV is around 15-18 mph.

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 also features an adjustable suspension, electric start, and a safety rope for added peace of mind for parents.

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 is available in 3 colors: Blue and white.

This Yamaha RAPTOR 90 ATV weighs 279 lb and has a fuel tank capacity of 1.7 gallons.

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Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, Age Range, Rider Weight Limit

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Top Speed

The Yamaha RAPTOR 90 is built to bring maximum pleasure to the youth ATV class for riders ages 10 and up.

The low-maintenance 90cc engine is tuned to produce outstanding low- to mid-range performance.

Fully automatic CVT transmission with a gated shifter, reverse, and electric start with a backup kickstart all come standard.

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 servicing is simple thanks to features like the toolless quick-access air filter element.

Compact A-arm front suspension is tuned for light, sporty steering, and luxurious ride quality.

The preload-adjustable front shocks give 5 inches of wheel travel and add to the Yamaha Raptor 90’s full-size ATV look.

The rear swingarm also features a 5-way preload adjustable shock, offering 5.7 inches of wheel travel.

An advanced frame design includes a large 1.7-gallon fuel tank, plush seat, secure wheelbase, and roomy integrated floorboards inside along.

The Yamaha Raptor 90 uses low-profile Duro® tires on lightweight wheels and styling that the mighty Yamaha Raptor 700R unmistakably inspires sporty looks and handling.

Three sealed drum brakes bring the Yamaha Raptor 90 ATV to a quick halt for reliable stopping power. There’s a handlebar-mounted parking brake too.

Yamaha Raptor 90 Sport ATV Price

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 ATV Key Facts

  • Engine: 90cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 2 valves
  • CVT; F, N, R Transmission System
  • 1.7 gal Fuel Capacity
  • 6 Month (Limited Factory Warranty)
  • 29.5 in Seat height
  • 279 lb Wet Weight
  • Electric and kick start

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Price 2024

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 for sale

➥ Price Starting at $3,299*, Destination Charge: $325, Freight Surcharge: $100*****

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Top Speed

➥ Top Speed: Around 15-18 mph

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Horsepower

➥ Horsepower: 6 HP (Est.)

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Age Range

Ages 10 and up

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Weight Limit

➥ Wet Weight: 279 lb

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 specs

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Key Features

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 is equipped with a 90cc four-stroke SOHC engine tuned to develop outstanding low- to mid-range performance, just where required.

The Yamaha RAPTOR 90 engine is air-cooled for simplicity, performance and long life and uses ultra-reliable wet-sump lubrication.

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 engine power is transferred to the rear wheels via a tried-and-true O-ring chain drive, running with a swingarm set at an optimized angle for rear shock performance.

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Push-button electric starting comes standard. For additional peace of mind, Yamaha RAPTOR 90 ATV emergency kick starter is also given in a storage spot under the seat.

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 ATV Fully automatic, CVT (continuously variable transmission) means no shifting. Handy for all riders, it’s a feature entry-level riders particularly enjoy. In addition, standard reverse gear further eases the Yamaha Raptor 90’s maneuvering.

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Compact A-arm front suspension is designed for light, sporty steering and relaxing ride quality with preload-adjustable shocks that offer 5 inches of wheel travel, adding to the Yamaha RAPTOR 90 full-size ATV look.

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 rear swingarm also features 5-way preload adjustable shocks, offering 5.7 inches of wheel travel.

The Yamaha RAPTOR 90 ATV is designed to be cosy for a wide variety of riders with roomy ergonomics, a plush seat and broad floorboards.

Duro low-profile tires—AT18 x 7-8 front and AT18 x 9-8 rear—give the Yamaha RAPTOR 90 ATV bold looks and sporty handling.

The CDI system means reliable ignition performance, with an efficient spark, strong and sealed, a maintenance-free battery that gives worry-free service. Handlebar-mounted reverse and neutral indicators keep the rider informed, too.

The Yamaha Raptor 90 offers sporty looks and high fenders that the mighty Yamaha Raptor 700R unmistakably inspires.


Yamaha RAPTOR 90 price

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Specs

➥ Engine:

Engine Type 90cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 2 valves
Bore x Stroke 47.0mm x 51.8mm
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Fuel Delivery 13mm carburetor
Ignition CDI
Transmission CVT; F, N, R
Final Drive O-ring chain drive
Starting System Electric and kick start

➥ Chassis/Suspension:

Suspension / Front Single A-arm; 5-in travel
Suspension / Rear Monoshock swingarm; 5.8-in travel
Tires / Front AT18 x 7-8
Tires / Rear AT18 x 9-8

➥ Brakes:

Brakes / Front Dual drum
Brakes / Rear Drum

➥ Dimensions:

L x W x H 58.5 in x 40.2 in x 37.6 in
Seat Height 29.5 in
Wheelbase 40.6 in
Maximum Ground Clearance 3.9 in
Fuel Capacity 1.7 gal
Wet Weight*** 279 lb

➥ Warranty:

Warranty 6 Month (Limited Factory Warranty)

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Yamaha RAPTOR 90 Images

Yamaha Raptor 90 Sport ATV Price

Yamaha RAPTOR 90 top speed


Yamaha RAPTOR 90 review

That’s all about the Yamaha RAPTOR 90 ATV  Review, Top Speed, Price, Parts, Specs, Video & Images. I have given all the information about Yamaha RAPTOR 90 ATV. Hope you guys like this article, please share your views through the comment section provided on this page. Follow allbikeprice.com website for the latest Scooter information.

FAQs – Yamaha RAPTOR 90

Q. How much is a Yamaha 90 Raptor?

A. $3,299 USD

Q. How fast does a 90cc Raptor go?

A. 15 to 18 mph Q.

What age is a Yamaha Raptor 90 for?

A.  Riders ages 10 and up

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Renato Varlack
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Al saadi
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What is the price of raptor 90cc?
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