2023 Honda CRF450R Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

2023 Honda CRF450R Price, Specs, Top Speed, Review, Seat Height, Weight, Horsepower, Overview

When Honda introduced the first CR250M Elsinore fifty years ago, we changed motocross forever.

And for 2023, we are launching three new ways for you to dominate on the track: the Honda CRF450R, Honda CRF450RWE, and the Honda limited edition 50th Anniversary 450R trim.

Updates include changes to the intake tract to provide the engine lower- and midrange torque – giving you faster corner exits and the ability to pull taller gears.

The updated chassis is more powerful at key points, and optimized suspension performance, resulting in better stability, and improved handling. There’s even a new, stronger muffler.

Honda CRF450R Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

And here’s the biggest news: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Honda Elsinore, we are producing a special, limited run of the Honda CRF450R complete with a gold handlebar, blue seat, and rims, commemorative graphics, and more.

Finally, there’s also Honda CRF450RWE (WE for Works Edition). It gets all the 2023 improvements plus special touches like a new, Twin Air filter, Throttle Jockey seat cover, exclusive Yoshimura exhaust, Hinson clutch basket and cover, premium DID DirtStar LT-X rims, a red cylinder head cover, Kashima and titanium oxide-coated fork, and hands-on touches like special cylinder-head porting.

Honda CRF450R Top Speed

➥ Top Speed: 82 mph (Est.)

Honda CRF450R Price in The USA 2023


Destination Charge: $400.00 Freight Surcharge: $200.00

Honda CRF450R Seat Height

➥ Seat Height: 38 inches

Honda CRF450R Horsepower

➥ Horsepower: 55.2 hp

Honda CRF450R Weight

➥ Weight: 245 pounds

Honda CRF450R MPG

➥ Mileage: NA

Honda CRF450R Colours

➥ Red

Honda CRF450R Top Speed, Price, Specs, Mileage, Review

Honda CRF450R Specs

➥ Engine:

Engine Type 450cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder
Bore And Stroke 96mm x 62.1mm
Compression Ratio 13.5:1
Induction Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), 44mm downdraft throttle body
Valve Train Unicam SOHC; four valves per cylinder

➥ Brakes:

Front Brake Single 260mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake Single 240mm disc


Front Tire Dunlop MX33 80/100-21
Rear Tire Dunlop MX33 120/80-19

➥ Suspension:

Front Suspension 49mm inverted Showa fork with 13-position rebound and 15-position compression-damping adjustability; 12.2-inch travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link Showa single shock with adjustable spring preload, 11-position rebound and six-position high- and low-speed compression-damping adjustability; 12.4-inch travel

➥ Dimensions:

Wheelbase 58.3 inches
Rake 27.1°
Trail 4.5 inches
Seat Height 38 inches
Ground Clearance 13.2 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.7 gallons
Curb Weight 245 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel)

➥ Transmission:

Transmission Close-ratio five-speed
Final Drive #520 Chain; 13T/49T

➥ Other:

Model ID CRF450R
Available Colors Red

Honda CRF450R Review & Features


Great handling starts with an excellent frame, and that’s one place where the Honda CRF450R chassis puts you out front. First, it’s light—over a pound and a half lighter than the previous generation’s. By making the frame’s main spars narrow, we save weight, but more importantly, we make the chassis more responsive by fine-tuning the lateral rigidity. The result is a bike that gets into, around, and out of corners faster.


For 2023, we have made the cylinder-head engine hangers stiffer and stronger, making the frame thicker where the hangers attach. The whole assembly is more rigid now to enhance handling.


More robust suspension mounting points this year improve chassis and suspension stability. When the suspension works better, the chassis works better, and you get better drive and handling everywhere.


Designed in conjunction with the frame, we have matched the swingarm’s lateral rigidity to the rest of the chassis by using narrower main members (just like the frame uses narrower main spars). You get a flat, fully integrated approach to frame stiffness, letting you get around corners faster and with a better feel.


The Honda CRF450R subframe is nearly three-quarters of a pound lighter than the last generation’s part. We have simplified its construction too.


You should know three key features:

  1. The battery box sits low for an improved center of gravity.
  2. It’s also easy to service.
  3. It’s water-tight, so there’s less to worry about when racing in wet conditions.


We’ve changed the suspension settings on the 2023 Honda CRF450R, fine-tuning them for better damping and handling. And note the axle holding fixtures at the bottom of each fork leg—they help increase rigidity and enhance steering precision and suspension performance.


The Honda CRF450R is a perfectly matched package. With the frame and swingarm featuring an optimized lateral stiffness, and the fork legs featuring a stiff, solid-feel axle fixture, we joined the two with equally refined upper and lower triple clamps. Working in the show, they help improve and balance total rigidity, responsiveness and turning performance.


The Honda CRF450R’s frame design lets us fit a special rear shock. We optimized its shape to match the frame and gave it special revised settings for 2023 to improve handling and ride. The shocks valving resets fast for better response. In addition, it features a special steel spring that cuts weight without cutting performance. With the RWE, you get additional special A-Kit shock tuning and valving.


The 49mm Showa fork features a conventional spring design that helps increase the Honda CRF450R’s front-suspension precision, handling and feel. The spring rate provides better bottoming resistance and improved handling. Plus, on the Honda CRF450RWE, the inner rod has a special Kashima coating, and the outer tubes feature a titanium oxide coating.


Along with the single-muffler exhaust, the Honda CRF450R naturally uses a single-pipe header. It routes close to the bike’s centre, and its light overall construction helps enhance weight distribution.


New this year, we made the Honda CRF450R muffler stronger by using a new outer shell. We also changed the inner pipe construction. Even with these improvements, it still weighs the same. The Honda CRF450RWE’s exhaust is another premium item. It uses a titanium mid-pipe, stainless header, and muffler, made especially for us by Yoshimura. Super light and super trick, the exhaust tucks away for better ergonomics too.


The Honda CRF450R features the first hydraulically actuated dirtbike clutch offered outside our works bikes. Made by Nissin, it’s the same design as in our Grand Prix MX machines and performs better than third-party conversions. You get a clutch-lever pull that’s ten per cent lighter at its peak, even though it’s paired with an eight-plate clutch. You will never have to worry about making a clutch-cable adjustment, even during the longest events.


The Honda CRF450RWE gets a premium clutch basket made by Hinson and a tasty Hinson clutch cover to top it all off.


While the Honda CRF450R’s hydraulic clutch gets all the attention, ensure you pay attention to the clutch assembly. The bike uses an eight-plate design to improve durability and hookup. That means 85 per cent less slip at peak horsepower and 27 per cent more total torque transmission through the clutch pack over a seven-plate clutch. Even the spring is awesome strong for better lockup, but the clutch-lever pull is lighter thanks to the hydraulic actuation.


We’re talking about a special ECU program: push the button to select the mode, hold the throttle open, release the clutch, and the Honda CRF450R will do the rest, launching you into the first turn with a big benefit. It turns your bike into a holeshot-seeking machine!


The button on the handlebar by the clutch perch activates our Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). Depending on how much traction is available, you can select one of three settings to dial your bike in perfectly.


This simple handlebar-mounted button lets you dial in the engine power delivery character with a thumb push. Select between Smooth, Standard, and Aggressive, depending on track conditions.


Why carry around any extra weight when you don’t have to? No detail is too small for our engineers—especially if they can make it smaller and lighter. We made the Honda CRF450R’s fuel pump super compact and light.


Using computer-aided Computational Fluid Dynamics, our engineers fine-tuned the Honda CRF450R’s radiator shrouds to increase cooling. You can see that they’re a one-piece design, but more importantly, they promote better cooling for more consistent power and longer a race, especially when you’re really on the gas and working the engine hard.


Brakes are for more than just stopping: they help you set up the bike in turns and jumps. They are designed to last longer and give you more stopping power—a real win/win to help you win. This is why we pay so much awareness to detail, like brake pads.


The Honda CRF450R’s large front-brake disc measures a whopping 260mm. You get a great brake feel and a pattern that reduces weight. Front and rear brake-disc guards are part of the package too.


Grams and performance count and the Honda CRF450R use a titanium fuel tank. Light and strong, it maintains the same capacity as our previous plastic unit, freeing up more space and helping centralize fuel mass.


You can access the airbox through the left number plate. The airbox shape helps deliver more torque along with the special air filter. And because the Honda CRF450R’s filter has no rubber gasket where it interfaces with the intake boot, cleaning and servicing the filter is faster and less messy than ever.


Kickstarting? Maybe if you’re riding in the vintage class, but not here. Our engineers can make the Honda CRF450R lighter by ditching the Kickstarter entirely. Electric starters and lithium-ion batteries are so light now and so good that putting them on a bike like this is a win/win combination. And winning is what a CRF450R is all about.


Check out the controls on the Honda CRF450R. We have made them light and intuitive. Controls used to be your bike’s shifter, brakes and clutch. Now you have launch assist, selectable power modes, and more. We believe they should be comfortable to use, especially when concentrating on winning.


The Honda CRF450RWE Works Edition includes all the standard Honda CRF450R features but also gets a special hand-ported cylinder head; Hinson clutch basket and cover; Twin Air filter, Throttle Jockey graphics and seat cover; upgraded DID DirtStar LT-X rims; an exclusive Yoshimura exhaust system including a titanium oxide-coated lower fork legs; titanium mid-pipe and muffler; revalved suspension; an RK gold chain; special ECU settings; and black triple clamps. Available in extremely limited numbers. Stated the best of the best.


Honda Unicam cylinder heads combine the best single- and double-overhead-cam designs. The configuration contributes to a compact engine that saves weight over a comparable dual-overhead-camshaft motor and permits a narrow included valve angle. Since less space is taken up in the cylinder head, the camshaft sits lower in the head for a more compact engine and a lower center of gravity. This flattens the combustion chamber to facilitate ignition flame propagation, allowing a high compression ratio.


To help boost the Honda CRF450R’s low-and mid-range power delivery for 2023, w have made changes to the intake tract and throttle body to boost intake-mixture speed. New ECU settings, ignition maps, and cam timing using less overlap are all motivated by our factory HRC racebikes and all work together to help you get on the gas sooner and roost out of corners faster and harder.


You can’t see this unless you take the engine apart, but you will notice it on the track. Last year our engineers redesigned the auto decompression hardware and moved it from the right side of the cam to the left. The result is less stalling at extremely low RPM (think deep into a turn without downshifting) and more useful rideability.


The 2023 Honda CRF450R features a special cylinder head. Its biggest feature is an oval-shaped centralized exhaust port. Together with the single-muffler exhaust, it boosts power from 5000 rpm up and increases exhaust efficiency. Plus, the Honda CRF450RWE gets some exclusive porting touches and engraving. The cylinder head cover is red too, so it stands out.


Lightweight titanium intake valves cut down on reciprocating mass and allow the use of smaller valve springs, reducing overall engine height.


By installing the Honda CRF450R’s fuel injector at a 60-degree angle, the injector sprays fuel back to the throttle butterfly. The engine gets a cooler, better torque and denser fuel charge for more power. It’s little details like this that put the Honda CRF450R up front.


The Honda CRF450R features a downdraft intake tract and FI body to help increase both power and fuel-metering precision. The Honda CRF450R offers such explosive power and massive torque, especially out of the starting gate and in the critical first 100 feet of the race to the first turn.


The Honda CRF450R’s fuel-injection system sprays twice per intake cycle. That helps increase fuel atomization without adding the weight or sophistication of a second injector. The better fuel atomization means more power in the midrange and overreaching—you will feel it the first time you race.


These are the tires of choice for serious MX racers, so naturally, we fit the best to the 2023 Honda CRF450R. The Dunlops hook up in various conditions and help you put the Honda CRF450R’s improved cornering performance to the ground.


The Honda CRF450R uses our latest finger-follower rocker design. The Unicam cylinder head remains one of the most efficient in the MX world, offering you the design and performance of a double-overhead-cam layout but the compactness of a single-overhead-cam design.


Honda engineering at its best: The Honda CRF450R’s cylinder head features a highly refined combustion-chamber shape and generous squish area, allowing an impressive 13.5:1 compression ratio for superior efficiency and power.


A factory skid plate is light and offers the engine and lower-frame protection that a racer demands.


The Honda CRF450R’s extra-slim bodywork makes it much easier to move around on the bike and maximizes your riding freedom. When we reduced the total number of fasteners required to remove the body panels last year, maintenance of the bike got easier too.


When Honda introduced the first Honda CR250M Elsinore fifty years ago, we changed motocross forever. We are producing a limited number of 2023 Honda CRF450R models with special bodywork to celebrate that milestone. The mechanical parts are the same as the standard model. Still, you will get a blue seat, gold rims and a gold handlebar, special radiator-shroud graphics, grey-metallic triple clamps, white number plates, and a front-fender Honda wing graphic. It’s sure to be a standout wherever you ride!


The 2023 Honda CRF450R gets new graphics that take their styling cues from our HRC works bikes. Plus, our “in mold” graphics are more durable to keep them looking good, especially after repeated track sessions and cleaning. And the Honda CRF450RWE goes one step further with an exclusive graphics package by Throttle Jockey.


It’s the new standard of excellence—you’ll love it! The aluminum Renthal Fatbar features a bend that’s even better than the legendary Honda “CR” bar. In addition, the Honda CRF450RWE gets special Renthal grips.


They may not help you go faster, but the black DID DirtStar rims look good. With the Honda CRF450RWE, we upgrade these to the best you can get, premium DID DirtStar LT-X rims.


Sometimes you need to think out of the box—that’s what we did with the Honda CRF450R’s seat. Compared to earlier designs, we’ve moved the attaching bolts from the rear to the front and the tongue from the front to the rear. The result? When it’s time for service, removing and installing your Honda CRF450R’s seat is easier than ever. Plus, on the RWE, you get an exclusive Throttle Jockey seat cover.


The Honda CRF450R features a flat seat/tank junction, including a titanium fuel tank. The excellent ergonomics make moving forward and back on the bike easier, increasing your control.


You may not notice it at first, but routing the Honda CRF450R’s throttle cables and hydraulic clutch line let our engineers shave almost half a pound off the bike. Light is always right!

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